International Journal of Anthropological Applications (IIJA) is the journal of the Anthropological Association for Humankind (AAH). Its primary objective is the scientific investigation of the principles and factors responsible for human problems and addressing those principles and factors practically by responsible utilization of anthropological knowledge and applications in order to improve the human condition.

The journal regularly includes sections public health and medicine, industry, business, law, human rights, education, social mobilization, capacity development, social evils, morality, ethics, nation-building, conflict resolution, competency acquisition, character advocacy, leadership development, poverty alleviation, environmental issues, community development, museums, disaster research & management, government, and international development and affairs.

Articles report the application of concepts of social/behavioral science to issues and problems in the contemporary world. In addition, articles aim for anthropological theories, concepts, and methodologies that help understand and explain human problems, practical solutions, sustainable respect, responsibility, peace, and development for humankind. Finally, The International Journal of Anthropological Applications attempts scientifically document the different worldwide successful case studies of how innovative anthropological knowledge, methodologies, understandings, and applications made a positive difference for humanity.